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Former Muslim Says We Need To STOP DENYING THIS About ISLAM!!


Former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali was on the Megyn Kelly show recently, and she completely dismantled one of the left’s favorite narratives about Muslims and what they think of America and Western Civilization.

Watch below:

Ayaan says that no matter what anyone thinks, there is a large portion of Muslims worldwide that really just hates our way of life and the values that America and the West stands for.

She continues on to say that if we want to defeat the threat from Islamist extremism, we have to acknowledge the simple truth that they want to eradicate our culture from the face of the Earth.

But of course, liberals who have no religion at all will scoff at her and tell her that they know more about Islam than she does…

What do you think? Are we recognizing the threat from Islam enough or is Ayaan Hirsi Ali right? Let us know in the comments below!!