A former high-ranking official at the FBI made the startling claim that President Barack Obama and former CIA Director John Brennan were the ones who actually committed felonies during the 2016 election and beyond, not short-time Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

We know what you’re thinking. Obviously! But this admission coming from an official as high up as a former FBI Assistant Director is startling.

Flynn pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the FBI in December of 2017.

It’s Obama and Brennan who committed crimes however,  according to James Kallstrom, who served as FBI Assistant Director heading the New York office from 1995 until his retirement in 1997.

“My sources tell me [Brennan] was leaking almost weekly or daily, and he was taking that bunch of phony crap supposedly from Russia, and peddling that through the Congress and the media, he was one of the active people,” Kallstrom told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “I’ve known him a long time and I think he’s involved, and quite frankly, I think it goes right to the top, quite frankly.”

Bartiromo asked if he was referring to President Obama.

“It goes right to the top, and it involves that whole strategy,” he responded. “They were going to win [the 2016 election], nobody would ever know this stuff, and they just unleashed the intelligence community.”

“They are the people who committed felonies, not the general,” Kallstrom alleged, referring to Brennan and Obama.

In regards to the election, Kallstrom further elucidated that the fix was in – from top to bottom – to elect Hillary Clinton.

“High-ranking people throughout the government … had a plot to not have Hillary Clinton indicted so that she could remain the flawed candidate that she was,” he claims.

Kallstrom went on to cite thoroughly biased text messages from FBI counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok, alleging there was “a backup plan to frame Donald Trump.”

Do you believe top officials in the FBI and CIA tried to stop Trump from becoming President?

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In other words, when they couldn’t put their chosen candidate in the White House because the American people rejected her, they enacted a backup plan to take down Trump.

Is there any reasonable person out there who doesn’t at least find that notion plausible?

Put another way, the permanent bureaucrats of the two main spy agencies were actively involved in trying to sway an election. The question is, why? Hillary Clinton is neither talented nor particularly likable. So what is it about Donald Trump they hate so much? Why were they so threatened by the possibility of his winning the election?

Do you think Obama and Brennan committed felonies? Share your thoughts below! 

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