Former Democrat Congressional Candidate Says She Hates White People and America

Honestly, hating white people is kind of a prerequisite for being a Democrat these days, isn’t it?

Former Democrat congressional candidate, Saira Rao, alleged “white people” have made her life “miserable,” questioned why she’s not supposed to hate them, and added that the American flag nauseates her.

Rao, who unsuccessfully ran as a candidate in 2018 to unseat incumbent Diana DeGette, sent out a series of bitter social media ramblings over the weekend.

“The American flag makes me sick,” Rao wrote Sunday on a Twitter timeline she has since made ‘protected.’

She followed that up with, “White people have done everything to make my life miserable. Yet I’m supposed to not hate white people?”

Other Racist Tweets

Rao is no stranger to controversy, showing signs of her racist tendencies shortly after her congressional race.

She retweeted a New York Times op-ed which asked the question, “Should I Give Up On White People?”

The Democrat added the caption: “Short and long answer: YES.”

Rao said she was simply trying to convey the message that stopping racism is the job of white people, not minorities.

“It is incumbent upon white people to dismantle white supremacy, black and brown people cannot do that. We have been toiling and toiling and toiling, and it’s still there,” she told Colorado Public Radio.

“When you call out institutional oppression, when you call out white supremacism, when you call out racism, that’s not racist,” she said in a highly racist manner.

Rao alleged that her tweet led to death threats and the need to pack up and move her family from Colorado.

Links to Prominent Democrats

This gem of a racist was supported in her bid for Congress by Justice Democrats, a far-left political action committee (PAC) co-founded by Saikat Chakrabarti, chief of staff to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As co-founder of In This Together Media, Rao has made significant contributions to some other prominent Democrats.

The Center for Responsive Politics reveals that she donated $250 to Barack Obama in 2008, and another $1,000 to Hillary Clinton in 2016. She also made contributions to 2020 presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar back in 2017 for the max amount of $2,700.

Rao also co-founded a club called “Race To Dinner,” in which white women join private dinner parties so they can sit and be forced to listen to why they are racist from “black and brown women.”

“Until and unless white folks are willing to bear witness to the pain they’ve caused, we will never see change,” the site reads. “The system of oppression will remain safely in place until white people – ALL WHITE PEOPLE – are willing to acknowledge their complicity.”

Klobuchar might want to consider returning that money at the risk of being associated with this nut case.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • That's because the Dems silenced Obama's critics by screaming "RACIST!" at anybody who DARED question his LOONY LEFT policies. That is ALSO why he was never properly VETTED before being allowed to put his name on the Presidential ballot. We don't even know if that conniving Sociopath is actually an American CITIZEN or not--much less the "NATURAL-BORN" one the Constitution requires--because ANYBODY who attempted to ask questions about his background during the 2008 election was IMMEDIATELY shouted down as a "racist." The "race card" was ALREADY worn out from OVERUSE before Obama was ever elected, but he CONTINUED to use it continually all the time he was President to silence his opponents. With his hate- and race-mongering and CONSTANT divisive harping about what a "racist" country this is, he set race relations in this country back by at LEAST 50 years.

  • Hating this country and white people is now an OFFICIAL part of the conniving DEMS' platform, isn't it? It is obvious that it is REQUIRED to be a Democrat. HOW did this party get so SCREWED UP, traitorous and dysfunctional? Just a bunch of deranged HATERS with NO real platform, NO agenda for improving things for the country and its people--NOTHING except their HATE and LUNACY. Why would ANYBODY vote for these people?

  • If the American flag nauseates her then get the hell out of the country and run to Mexico, or wherever her ancestors came from. And that comes from a patriotic, conservative, black man.
    Fair winds and following seas.

  • Saira Rao needs to be stripped of her citizenship and sent to Cuba where she belongs. This country does not need people like her. She is the only one responsible for her miserable life.

  • Uh Rao, you are Caucasian, i.e. white. All white people are not of European origin. They are also Middle Eastern, Asian, and North African. Indians and Pakistanis are Caucasians.
    Skin color alone does not determine race.

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