Former CNN Anchor Survives Gun Fight, BLASTS Gun Control Advocates

Former CNN anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, former CNN reporter Chuck de Caro were staying in a hotel on a cross-country road trip when convicted felon Tomorio Walton barged into the room.

They are both licensed to carry handguns and are experienced with firearms. De Caro has a military background in Special Forces. Russell detailed the story to CNN and stated that even though de Caro, who was in the shower when the intruder burst in, was still naked but was able to shoot and kill the man who had already had his gun drawn.



Russell is very vocal in her support of the Second Amendment. In an interview with Fox 411, she came out swinging at the gun control crowd who want to stand in her way of defending herself.

“The discussion over the debate to own a gun is just ridiculous. As Americans we have the right to bear arms and as humans the right to protect ourselves. I’m sure that the man who shot my husband did not have a gun permit. Criminals will always have guns. The rest of us legally obtain our gun permits.

If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f–k up about it. Make your own decisions.”

Russell referred to her husband as her hero. De Caro was shot three times but is expected to recover.

“I was determined to save my dream girl’s life — even if it cost my own,” he said.

That’s some amazing shooting — share you thoughts on gun control. 

H/T: National Review

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