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Foreign Newspaper Uncovers Obama’s Marriage Rumors – WHOA!

obama marriage

An Australian tabloid has picked up details about President Barack Obama and Michelle’s serious marital problems.

They noted as Michelle Obama has taken extended taxpayer-funded vacations away in other countries, it could be that the First Couple is headed for divorce.

Reportedly, they have argued repeatedly in ways that have made the staff uncomfortable… especially after their daughter was caught playing beer pong during a recent college visit. Now, even the foreign press is noticing that the Obama’s marriage is on the rocks:

Not for the first time in their 22-year marriage the Obamas are approaching what should be a happy family milestone under a cloud of rampant tabloid innuendo, summed up by a National Enquirer headline: “World exclusive: Obama marriage explodes!”.

The Enquirer has earned a measure of respectability in Washington with its reporting of political scandals – most notably its exposure of the double life of John Edwards, a former senator and once a Democratic presidential contender.

Yet its so-called bombshell Obama report was based on nothing more substantial than the vague allegations of an unnamed “Oval Office insider” who claimed the first couple “are now sleeping in separate White House bedrooms” – tame stuff compared with the adventures of the president’s French counterpart Francois Hollande. […]

Before the Enquirer could detonate another bombshell, a White House spokesman offered a different explanation for Michelle’s solo break: it was a birthday present from her husband.

“If you have kids, you know that telling your spouse that they can go spend a week away from home is actually a big present,” said Jay Carney, the White House press secretary.

Mr Obama acknowledged long ago that his marriage to Michelle had had ups and downs as they coped with the pressures of dual careers – she was formerly a lawyer and a hospital administrator – and the arrival of their two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

The latest tabloid report appears to have been provoked by the notorious incident at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service when Mr Obama and David Cameron posed for a selfie with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the prime minister of Denmark – or as the National Enquirer described her, “a leggy blonde foreign leader”.

Despite the speculation, the Obamas have succeeded in presenting a united front and, as their daughters have grown, many of their admirers have come to regard them as an inspirational family.

obama marriage

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