Ford Makes MASSIVE Announcement – Proves Trump Is 100% Right!

Conservative businessman Donald Trump just won an historic victory in the New Hampshire primary. His bold agenda is winning over millions of American voters, and one of his key arguments is to stop companies from shipping jobs overseas.

President Obama and liberals have attacked Trump for these comments, but he won’t back down! Now, a new bombshell report shows Ford Motor Company will build a new factory in Mexico, producing a half-million MORE cars than they already do in that country.

Trump is right!

Ford Motor Co. will build a new assembly plant in Mexico and sharply increase factory output from that country, representing the latest shift of investment abroad by a Detroit auto maker following the signing of a costly new labor deal.

The No. 2 light-vehicle seller in the U.S. plans to add 500,000 units of annual Mexican capacity starting in 2018, more than double what it built in 2015, according to people briefed on the plan. The plan mirrors General Motors Co.’s $5 billion investment to double Mexican capacity by 2018.

Sadly, Mexico already produces 433,000 Ford cars per year, which is 14% of their total production.

The Wall Street Journal notes they are making this major move because of the low wages and the free-trade deals Mexico has signed onto. This means other car manufacturers such as GM, Honda, and Toyota will follow Ford’s lead and expand their operations outside of America.

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Trump supports making good, smart deals with foreign countries that aren’t so one-sided. Conducting business in America is too expensive for many companies, which is why it takes a real leader in the White House to help attract more business growth in this country.

What do you think about Ford’s major announcement? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!

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  • NAFTA was backed 100% by the Republican congress and senators. And democrats, for the most part. Moving jobs to Mexico makes fords cheaper. The unions warned about NAFTA, but the idiotic anti union blue collar republican poor of the south hated the unions so much they actually supported NAFTA and their own downfall. Donald Trump is on the side of the unions, of course, since he is a very strong Liberal with extreme liberal values which will definitely help the middle class and the under educated blue collar worker.


  • I think it SUCKS, we have so many AMERICANS out of work our poverty level is so high in the USA. So many homeless and Ford is looking out for Mexico and there people . That is a shame. I worked for Ford for 30 Years in Norfolk Virginia, If they want to build a new plant then rebuild the ones they closed down. KEEP AMERICAN people in work not the Cartel in Mexico. There is no such thing any more that says: MADE IN USA.

  • I think it is about time Americans start asking where a product is made and when ever possible by American made, even if it costs a little more. Start supporting our country.

  • I think what ought to happen is allow any car maker to go there but if they want to sell those cars in America, they should pay a tariff on each car so unemployment it totally funded with the money they save by moving to Mexico.

  • Well go ahead ford gm and any other co that want to put the American worker out of work, broke people can't afford to buy cars or anything so you will up production and not be able to sell even what you produced before.

  • I am a Ford person but I will stick with my older model Fords Made in USA and Ford can take those mexican made vehicle and shove them where the sun don't shine.

    • What out to happen is for government and Unions to get out of the same bed they screw us in. Unions are far past their worth and the reason auto makers flee is Unions have gotten them 6 digit salaries for possessing the skill to pop a hubcap on. Unions are putting the American worker our of jobs when companies can flee the country and pay reasonable wages. Government and Union corruption is the problem. We need to find a way to eliminate unions; they have destroyed the auto industry which is 1/6th of our economy and they are strangling us with that fact.

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