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Terrorist Attack Thwarted In Major Metropolitan Area!

A man was arrested, accused of plotting an attack against the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center

With ISIS inspiring attacks all over the world, law enforcement is on high alert to prevent wanna-be terrorists from carrying out their plans for jihad and destruction.

Even here in the states, there are radical Muslims seeking the means to murder innocents.

One such radical planned to destroy a synagogue in the Miami, Florida area. Luckily the FBI got to him first.

Via the Miami Herald:

James G. Medina, 40, was arrested by FBI agents on a charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, 20400 NE 30th Ave., during services on Friday.

The judge set his bond hearing for Thursday and his arraignment for May 16. He also appointed the Federal Public Defender’s Office to represent him.

Federal prosecutors Marc Anton and Karen Gilbert told the judge that Medina should be detained before trial, arguing he is a danger to the community and a risk of flight. If convicted, Medina, who is being held at the Federal Detention Center, faces up to life in prison.

Anton summarized the FBI case for the judge, saying that in March Medina reached out to a FBI confidential source because he was interested in buying a bomb. The prosecutor said that Medina wanted to obtain the bomb and place it under a car or throw it over the wall of the synagogue.

This man probably wasn’t a real threat as the FBI got to him early, but I hope this sends a clear message to anyone wishing to destroy a peaceful house of worship.

We have to remain serious and vigilant in our fight against Radical Islam.

Obama and the Left want us to believe the threat isn’t real. But we know the truth!

We have to make our country safe!

Are we doing enough to combat radical Islam? Share your thoughts!