There’s been a lot of talk today about President-elect Trump’s call to jail those who burn the American flag.

The media has been up in arms about the entire thing, but they forget that most Americans support a ban on burning the flag.

Reporters were on Capitol Hill today asking members of Congress their thoughts. This is what Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia had to say about people’s right to burn the flag.

Via The Hill:

“It’s a First Amendment right, but you do it in front of me, I’m going to beat the hell out of you,” Manchin said, according to a Roll Call reporter.

Good for Senator Manchin! Even though he’s a Democrat, he knows that while do have freedom of speech in the country, you don’t have the right to disrespect our flag and our country and get away with it.

This quote reminds me of one similar from the great Johnny Cash.
The Man in Black said you had the right to burn the flag, and also the right to bear arms and then exclaimed “If you burn my flag, I’ll shoot you!”

Watch it below along with us poem “Ragged Old Flag”

Also, don’t forget (Because the left wants you to) that Hillary sponsored a bill that would also throw flag burners in jail.

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