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FINALLY! Dr. Ben Carson Makes Massive Announcement After Super Tuesday Defeat


Dr. Ben Carson, a conservative neurosurgeon who briefly lead in some early Republican presidential primary polls, has made an announcement that was expected long ago: His campaign is over.

Carson announced he doesn’t see a path forward, and is dropping out of the GOP debate in Detroit on Thursday.

Carson, however, will not formally suspend his campaign. Instead, the Republicans said, he has decided to make a speech about his political future on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, just outside of Washington.

But the announcement will serve as an acknowledgement that Carson’s candidacy is all but over following a disappointing showing in the 11 states that held contests on Tuesday.

via The Washington Post

Political insiders are certain that Carson will use his speech at CPAC to announce that his campaign for Presidency is over, formally. After all, he has officially dropped out of what may be the final Republican primary presidential debate.

This decision happens after dozens of high-profile staff infighting and quitting. The campaign burned through millions of dollars, breaking records for both fundraising and spending.

It is tragic that Carson didn’t do better, as he’s a brilliant defender of conservative principles who happens to be African American. However, it was Carson’s first attempt at running for elected office and had many successes along the way.

Raised in the poverty of Detriot, Dr. Carson became a world class neurosurgeon and saved many lives. There is no question that Carson is an American hero and patriot.

Good luck Dr. Carson, and we look forward to seeing what he plans to do next.

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