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Filmmaker Tries to Cross Southern Border Dressed as Osama bin Laden… Was He Successful?

Conservative activist and infamous filmmaker James O’Keefe is causing heartburn for President Barack Obama and the left again! This time, he is showing just how ridiculously unsecure our Southern border with Mexico is. And to really make his point, he crossed the Rio Grande dressed as Osama bin Laden!

We would laugh, if the border situation wasn’t so tragic and scary.

Mexico relaxed its immigration policies, allowing travel across the country for illegals from Central America. Bringing crime and disease, the morale of over-worked border patrol agents are understandably low.

President Obama broke his campaign promises to secure the border for one simple reason: More illegal immigrants in America increases the political muscle of the Democrat party. Obama doesn’t care if illegal immigrants are bussed and inhumanely dumped into states without warning. And it doesn’t concern Obama that border cities are overwhelmed with the endless cost of handling the illegals which shouldn’t have crossed the border in the first place.

O’Keefe is helping bring attention to just how little is done to fix the border crisis. The time to secure the border is now!

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H/T: Project Veritas