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Her Fiancé Had Terminal Cancer So She Did This At Their Wedding

Joan and Craig were in love, and weren’t rushing to get married. That all changed once Craig was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Instead of mourning, they decided to get married and celebrate life.

Joan had one big surprise for their guests, and it left everyone in tears.

Via Inside Edition:

A bride shaved her head during her wedding to show support for her terminally ill husband. Something, their guests probably never expected. But for Joan and Craig, who are both from the England, their wedding was happy day but also bittersweet. Craig Lyons was diagnosed with terminal cancer eight months before they planned to wed. The couple transformed their special day into a cancer fundraising event. Joan donated her long locks before dramatically having her head shaved.

Watch video of it below.

Such a heart-warming and  heart-breaking story. I can’t imagine approaching such sadness with so much grace. Hopefully Joan And Craig can enjoy what time they have left together.

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