A video behind the social-media platform that brought you #ShoutYourAbortion features a prominent feminist discussing and promoting the procedure with children.

In the video, produced by “HiHo kids,” a group of roughly middle school-aged children are subjected to feminist Amelia Bonow’s pro-abortion views.

The wholly inappropriate video shows Bonow explaining to children that she and her sex partner took a “shortcut” and chose to have unprotected sex, but denied it being “reckless” and rejected the notion of owning up to the consequences of their actions.

She then describes – to children, mind you – that abortion is a procedure that “sucks out the pregnancy,” likening it to an appointment at the dentist office.

Bonow also argued that abortion, killing a baby, “is all a part of God’s plan.”

Bonow goes on to suggest people who are against abortion aren’t truly pro-life.

“They want to deprive people access to healthcare,” she said before offering up this ironic hot take. “I’m just like, ‘You guys aren’t pro-life. I’m pro-life.'”

You um, you had a baby aborted because it wasn’t convenient for you at the time. That’s not pro-life … at all.

Not an Act of God

Needless to say, terminating the life of a child is not a part of God’s plan – it’s a result of a human being having the free will to make their own decisions.

Even Democrat president Jimmy Carter acknowledged that Jesus would not approve of abortions.

“I have a hard time believing that Jesus would approve abortions unless it was because of rape or incest or if the mother’s life was in danger,” Carter said.

In 2012, he signed a public letter calling for the Democratic Party at the next convention “to espouse my position on abortion which is to minimize the need, requirement for abortion and limit it only to women whose life are in danger or who are pregnant as a result of rape or incest.”

Carter noted that many people were estranged from the Democratic Party because of the abortion issue.

One Child Actually Outdebates Her

In one portion of the video, Bonow doesn’t exactly get the response she expected from a well-reasoned child who argued there is a better alternative to abortion for an unplanned pregnancy.

 Bonow: “Do we want people to just have all those babies?”

Boy: “No.”

Amelia: “What should we do with them?”

Boy: “Put them up for adoption.”

The boy’s views are perfectly in tune with those of President Trump, who has heavily promoted the idea of adoption over abortion.

In November, Trump issued his second annual proclamation for National Adoption Month, hailing both adopting children and placing them for adoption as acts of love that enrich American society.

“Adoption is a blessing for all involved,” the President declared. “It provides needed relief to birth parents, who may not, for whatever reason, be in a position to raise a child. It fosters loving homes for children. It enables individuals to grow their families and share their love.”