Feminist Writer Says Women Are “Superior,” Should Start Oppressing the Unborn Instead

Equality is usually a good thing. So is equal opportunity. These have, for the most part, been achieved for American women. But there is at least one group in America that disagrees, and it’s liberal feminists: one of them now claims the real problem is that women can’t oppress children. I guess it’s time to throw out that theory about male oppression! (Preferably with some bathwater.)

I have no desire to have an abortion. I am carrying a baby my husband and I conceived on purpose and whom we can’t wait to raise alongside our older daughter. Yet on that morning, I was acutely aware of having lost one of the most important tools available to women: the ability to exert control over what’s going on inside my uterus.

During both of my pregnancies, I have monitored the weeks available for legal abortion with the same precision that I used to keep track of when to get the nuchal screening, the amnio, the gestational diabetes test. To me, abortion belongs to the same category as the early Cesarean I will need to undergo because of previous surgeries. That is to say, it is a crucial medical option, a cornerstone in women’s reproductive health care. And during pregnancy, should some medical, economic, or emotional circumstance have caused my fate to be weighed against that of my baby, I believe that my rights, my health, my consciousness, and my obligations to others—including to my toddler daughter—outweigh the rights of the unborn human inside me.

Like everyone else, I support the original goals of feminism and will agree they have some legitimate complaints. But this article suggests that the feminist movement has very little, if anything, left to complain about. A telltale sign is that they’re whining about not getting to oppress others.

And by “oppress,” this author means she is unable to order up the genetically flawless son or daughter of her choice. She not only thinks this is some new “right,” but demands that it come with a guarantee to abort for any reason. This sounds a lot like “eugenics,” which is a term we’re all vaguely familiar with. I think the Nazis came up with this idea.

Luckily, we threw this ugly idea away decades ago. If feminists bring it back, we can safely assume equality is no longer the goal.

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