Felon Released From New York Jail Over Coronavirus Attempts To Rob Bank

A week after being released from Rikers Island prison in New York, James Little, a violent felon, was arrested following a failed bank robbery attempt.

Violent Felon Released, Robs Bank

James Little, 40, was released from Rikers Island prison in New York on March 28th, due to fears regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Little had been arrested earlier in the month for allegedly strangling his girlfriend in her home in Brooklyn. He had been on parole since 2016, after serving more than 20 years in prison for a 1995 murder that he had committed when he was just 15 years old.

Only a week after being let out of the New York prison, the violent felon allegedly attempted to rob the Apple Bank in Gramarcy Park in Manhattan. Wearing a face mask and gloves, Little passed the teller a note that read, “give me money,” according to police sources. He left the bank with no extra money in his pocket, and was arrested the next day. Police now believe he robbed two banks in Midtown in January and December last year, making off with over $1,000 from each robbery.

Democrats Are Making This Country Unsafe!

With the recent behaviour from Democrats, this was inevitable. Representatives Jerry Nadler and Karen Bass, both Democrats, sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr at the end of last month demanding that he release “as many prisoners as possible” from the nation’s jails in order to “protect them from COVID-19.”

Individuals at a high risk of catching the coronavirus should be released, they argued, no matter what security category of jail they’re in. It is fair to say that this would have included Mr. Little. Democrats are literally making this country even more dangerous.

And on another note, while New York is letting violent felons and convicted murderers out of jail to go and rob banks, they’re also stopping law-abiding citizens from purchasing firearms! The NRA sued Governor Andrew Cuomo last week for his refusal to classify gun stores as essential businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, in a direct contradiction to federal recommendations. With gun stores being prevented from opening and violent criminals being let onto the streets, New Yorkers should probably be a tad more concerned for their safety than they usually are!

Jack Hadfield

Jack Hadfield is a conservative and free-speech advocate from the UK. He considers himself to be a professional mischief maker, and loves nothing more than annoying the pearl-clutching left. His work has previously appeared in Breitbart and Politicalite.

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  • who was the guy that got arrested repeatedly and let go without bail, to be arrested mere hours later? liberals have let brain damage go mainstream in the party. Nauseous Nancy, Lyin, Cryin Chuclehead, Piece Of Schiff, Addled Adler, all the way up to Joe Dementia.....every. one. of. them.....wouldn't know the truth if it him em like a 2x4 upside the head. None of them can open their mouths without lying. it's truly a mental disorder.


  • I think maybe Little and Cummo should be cell mates together and Andrew could learn the finer points of prison life course he would probably enjoy it I think he is as queer as 3 dollar bill

  • This just proves my point about how stupid the law in new York is. This includes aoc ,clinton ,Pelosi, schiff, nadler ,obama and the rest of the corrupt Democrat officials in New York are 😂😂😂😂😂😜

  • Oh nooooo! God forbid a murderer, rapist, robber, etc, etc. Get this. Those poor babies! OMG!! They’re CRIMINALS!! Some of them killed people!!! Who gives a rats a.... if they d i e! They deserve it. WHY?? Because they KILLED people!!, OMG! What part of that do you f c g NOT understand!!!

  • Prisons are a dangerous place to live. That is why correctional officers have to be professionals with pay for their ability to supervise, communicate, and be ethical. It is more dangerous for the watchers than the watched who are responsible for their safety and security.

    Part of the sentence is to be subjected to exposure. Plea bargaining turned the criminal justice system into bargain basement justice regardless of the behaviors and acts.

    If you kill someone, it should be a life sentence to remove the killer from society. To execute them is to justify killing based on a "reason." There are always reasons a killer uses to justify dehumanizing and discounting the value of a life. Most criminals themselves believe in capital punishment for that reason. But, then, they see themselves as victims only when they are held accountable.

    If the terrorism of prohibition for substances were not abused by criminalization, there would be more room for robbers, rapists, and murders. Certainly, we would have longer sentences for child rapers.

    In no case should these dangerous people be allowed to walk the streets again, ever. They can never make their victims whole from a robbery, rape, or murder. At no point can you ever trust them again with a sharp stick or a rock, much less hammers, knives, and guns. No one is reformed by coercion with incarceration. That society thinks you can brainwash a robber, rapist or murder into responsible behavior is a hypocrisy.

  • Just keep them in their cells, if the get the virus give the a Zpack, hydrochlorquine and they will be better in a few days. Not out in public causing mayhem.. This letting out of prisoners is just plain stupid.

  • Why are they releasing criminals because they live in close quarters of others? What about our military personnel who live in close quarters too? or is it an excuse to lessen there prison population expenses.

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