Feds Shipping Illegal Immigrants to NY? Sounds Like a Bad Dystopian Movie… But It’s REAL!


A recent flood of illegal immigrants into the country has caused bureaucratic headaches, with the federal government trying to figure out just what to do with the unaccompanied children. More than 50,000 illegal immigrant children have crossed the border into the United States from Central America since last October, an influx that the federal government seems to have been aware of, but were ill prepared to deal with.

As the administration desperately tries to find locations to house these children, it’s important to note that this problem isn’t just affecting southern border states.

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin warned on Facebook:

If you think the illegal immigrants flooding over the border don’t affect NY…..The federal gov’t is absolutely looking at sites in NY to house them.

For instance, a vacant Walmart building near Brockport, New York, is under serious evaluation as a possible place to relocate these illegal immigrant children.

Via TWC News:

A vacant building in a plaza near Brockport is now front and center in the debate over where to house children who are in this country illegally.

The former Walmart store in the town of Sweden is being targeted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a potential site to house illegal immigrant children.

Others in the shopping plaza next door are concerned. Hairdresser Debbie Jenks wonders about supervision of the children, if the plan goes through.

Jenks goes on to say what most Americans feel regarding the problem of illegal immigrant children.

“I mean, I feel bad that they have nobody to watch over them, but in the same sense I don’t think we should have to be the ones to pay for it,” she said.

Other sites being considered in New York include a former convent in Clifton Park and a business park on Long Island.

A hotel on Grand Island thought to be vacant was also assessed as a feasible location — until they found out it had been turned into a fully occupied spa and resort.

Rep. Chris Collins, R-27th District, called on the Obama administration to enforce immigration laws already in place.



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