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Feds Come For Manafort’s Son In Law

Henry Rodgers on August 10, 2017

Federal investigators have their eyes on Paul Manafort’s son-in-law, Jeffrey Yohai, in regards to his his real-estate deals and ties to Russia.

Yohai and Manafort have worked together on several real-estate deals in New York which are reportedly suspected of involving funds from Russian as well as Ukrainian politicians. The two have yet to be accused or charged with anything.

Three sources familiar with the investigation told Politico Tuesday that investigators approached Yohai within the last few months. One of the sources said the development made “real waves” with those close with Manafort, while another source reportedly said investigators were trying to get “into Manafort’s head.”

FBI agents served former Trump campaign chairman Manafort with a search warrant at his home in Alexandria, Va.. The raid was carried out on in the early morning of July 26— one day after Manafort met voluntarily with staff on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Neither Manafort nor his son in law have commented on the on-going investigations nor last months pre-dawn home raid.

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  • Wait. This is so far removed from the original mandate as to be outside the special prosecutor's jurisdiction, i.e. there is no conceivable conflict of interest for Trump, Sessions or Main Justice, either potential or actual. Seriously. Paul Manafort was removed back in August from the campaign. His son-in-law is not associated with the campaign at all. Their past financial dealings could not have affected the election or even the campaign, so short was Manafort's tenure. Moreover, if there was a taint, then Trump's dismissal of Manafort redounds in his favor, i.e., the campaign got rid of the bad apple. Both Mueller and Rosenstein should be questioned vigorously about this rumor, which incidentally seems to be another leak from Mueller's Special Prosecutor's Office.

  • Manafort sold real estate, in New York, to Russian and Ukrainian politicians for money. When did that become a crime? How about Hell-ery selling OUR uranium, to Russia, for covert money into the Clinton Slush Foundation...and outrageous speaking fees. How about the Podesta brothers and their ties to Russian and Chinese banks and other organizations.

  • So WHY aren't law-abiding citizens taking ACTION to prosecute Chelsea Clinton and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, who collected $675,000 from Hillary Clinton, while McCabe was overseeing her email investigation???

    This is just wrong. Democrats have been exposed for a multitude of corruption, which are blatantly obvious to everyone who sees the evidence of Hillary's pay to play scams!!! Why isn't Sessions acting, DAMNIT!!!

  • Since the DOJ´s active pursuit of the Obama-Clinton continuous fraud, and the fairy-tale of Russian influence on the 2016 election, we see comrade Mueller using his FBI powers to distract. Creating "guilt by association", comrade Mueller attempts to convict president Trump via his entourage of stooge democrats and Obama stooges within the FBI and DOJ.
    It is time for DOJ leadership to find another job for comrade Mueller.

    • Yah, a trash collector would be a good job for Mueller (no offense meant to those who are trash collectors), he's not good for anything else & should be in prison for his crimes.

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