Fauci Now Admits Vaccinated People Didn’t Need To Wear Masks, He Was Just Doing It For Show

When White House senior medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci basically admitted on Tuesday that his decision to continue wearing a mask indoors even though he was fully vaccinated was indeed “theater,” conservative commentators had something to say about it.

Fox News’ Brit Hume called out Fauci for saying on “Good Morning America” that wearing masks indoors, as someone who was vaccinated, was not based on science.

Fauci Admits Mask Wearing After Being Fully Vaccinated Was ‘Theater’

Fauci admitted to ABC host George Stephanopoulos, that he is now “much more comfortable” with people seeing him indoors without a mask.

“Before the CDC made the recommendation change, I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals but being a fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low.” 

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Fauci’s admission that he was engaged in a PR campaign stood out, especially considering his testimony in mid-March during a Senate hearing when Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said wearing face masks while fully vaccinated amounted to nothing more than “theater.”

At the time, Fauci staunchly disagreed.

“Let me state for the record that masks are not theater, masks are protective,” Fauci argued at the time.

Conservatives Rightly Pile On Fauci

Hume wasn’t the only one who recalled that deception.

Conservative commenters unloaded online.

“Dr. Fauci Admits He Wore Masks Only for Optics,” wrote conservative commentator Sharyl Attkisson.

Conservative commentator Stephen Miller asked, “Did Rand Paul get his apology?”

Brigitte Gabriel posted, “Did anyone else notice that right after Rand Paul exposed Fauci over gain of function research in Wuhan, the pandemic mandates were lifted?”

Conservative writer Jordan Schachtel wrote, “Fauci never believed in the mystical powers of the mask. See what happens when the cameras turn off. He adapted to the political winds shifting.”

“His initial commentary (that masks are a comfort and control mechanism) remained his position the entire time,” he added.

The Republican Party of Kentucky correctly noted, “Two months TO THE DAY after Dr. @RandPaul said Dr. Fauci was performing ‘theater’ and wearing two masks ‘for show’ despite being vaccinated, Dr. Fauci finally admits it was, indeed, for show.”

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Perhaps Fauci will be considered for an Oscar.



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  • Why don't you get back to us in about 6 months to a year and let us know how your immune system is doing.....

  • Why don't you get back to us in about 6 months to a year and let us know how your immune system is doing.....

  • To fix this Falsie must be fired so a REAL DOCTOR can come in and fix it....since it was a PLANDEMIC it should be that difficult to do!!

  • Are you talking about the "PLANDEMIC" because I never saw a pandemic. Isn't it funny that in all the years they have been keeping track of how many people get the flu and how many people die from the flu, but the flu season of 2020 - 2021 NO ONE DIE FROM THE FLU??????

  • Now, why doesn't Fauci admit that material or basic paper masks don't work at all because of the virus can easily slip through them and in fact the ONLY mask tht works is the N95 which you can't breathe through at all. If you haven't noticed, the left are maskoholics the right, more skeptical! More importantly, is the way to keep you in check; see how far they can go to make you a better lab rat!

  • Dr. Fauci - changes his mind on a daily basis. Like a weather man can be wrong 80% of the time but still gets paid. To fix this only pay him when he is correct.

  • That's not what he said. But since I'm vaccinated and you aren't you would have no objection to me coughing all over you next time we meet and maybe transmitting covid via aerosols in exhalation. I won't get sick , even though I can still transmit it to YOU (as you can to me) , So I will definitely NOT wear a mask next time we meet. If you get sick , disabled or die from covid thereafter , please remember to thank Trump , Carlson and every other voodoo doctor in the Trump Party with your final gasps. Trump will thank you with his trademark " Huh? who the hell was he?" for your fatal sacrifice to your ideology.

  • Maybe you'll contract the virus and rid us of another left wing, disgusting hero.. Where's Hunter..

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