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Father Turns In Teen Son: Arrested for Planning MAJOR ISIS Attack on U.S.

The FBI has arrested Justin Nojan Sullivan, age 19, on federal terrorism charges for allegedly plotting an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack — after being tipped off to his disturbing behavior by his father.

According to FBI documents, Sullivan told undercover FBI agents that he was planning an attack for this week, while his parents were out of town, that he hoped would kill 500-1000 people. That court document says that in addition to planning an attack that would wipe out hundreds of people, Sullivan allegedly wanted someone to kill his parents.

It’s a good thing this father turned in his son. He may have saved his kid’s life and stopped him from making an even more disastrous decision, and saved his family too. This case is symptomatic of an even bigger issue. The growth and proliferation of ISIS into a group that has a wide and expanding allure is very dangerous to stability of many countries–not just in the immediate vicinity of Iraq and Syria, but in Africa, Europe and Asia and in North America.

Sullivan told the undercover agent that he converted to Islam after “thinking about death and stuff.” He was angered by recent United States airstrikes against ISIS forces.

Way to go Dad!! It’s nice to see a parent step up and admit their child’s wrong-doing as opposed to covering it up or being in denial about it. I know it must have been hard, but he did the right thing.

This story should carry more weight than the Confederate Flag chaos, yet, the mass minions are too consumed with hatred to face the reality that our country, with its wide-open borders and internal terrorist cells will knee-jerk this country further down the rabbit hole ! And I thought we already hit bottom .

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