Far-Left Democrat Barbara Lee Says ‘It Would Be An Honor’ To Replace Kamala Harris In Senate

barbara lee senate

Far-left Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee says that “it would be an honor” if she was selected to finish the term of freshman Senator Kamala Harris, should the latter be sworn in as vice president.

Lee has represented Oakland since 1998. GovTrack counts Lee as the “most politically left” member of the House in 2019.

“It would be an honor to fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s role in the Senate,” Lee tweeted.

“I know Gov. Gavin Newsom will pick the person he believes best represents California.” 

Lee A Long-time Fixture In Congress

If chosen, Lee would be one of the most experienced elected officials to carry out Harris’s term as U.S. Senator.

The Daily Wire reported, “While the average senator of the most recent Congress has been in their position for 10 years, any person who was selected to fill the U.S. Senate seat would likely have the opportunity to hold onto it as long as they wish, a factor of the Democratic Party’s enduring dominance of California politics.”

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“For example, former Senator Barbara Boxer (D) served four terms in the Senate before retiring,” the Daily Wire noted.

“(A)nd Dianne Feinstein (D), the oldest member of the Senate, has won six races for her seat, including the 1992 special election that kicked off her D.C. career.”

Lee, at 74, likely wouldn’t hold the Senate seat for multiple terms. However, her decades of experience in Congress could make her a formidable opponent of Republicans.

Lee: ‘Donald Trump Is Going To Attack Any Woman, Especially Any Woman Of Color’

Regardless, if Barbara Lee fills the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by Kamala Harris, it will be one far-left Democrat taking the place of another.

Lee defended Harris on CNN in August.

“Donald Trump is going to attack any woman, especially any woman of color, any African American woman, and he’s going to attack any Democrat.” said Lee, dismissing Trump’s attacks on Sen. Kamala Harris.

“What Donald Trump has to say, that noise is going to go on,” she added.

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That Lee is even a consideration to replace Harris is indicative enough of where today’s radicalized Democrat Party intends to take American politics and the country-at-large.