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The Biggest #NeverTrumper Endorses Trump – This Changes Everything!

mark levin trump
One of Donald Trump’s biggest conservative critics has dropped the #NeverTrump banner and picked up the white flag of surrender. Radio host Mark Levin made a huge endorsement on his show last night when he officially announced he would be voting for Trump.

Via Washington Times:

“I’m gonna vote for Donald Trump. I’m gonna wind up voting for Donald Trump on election day,” Levin said Tuesday evening on his radio program. He added, “I take no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say.”

Back in April Levin said should Trump become the GOP nominee, “I am not voting for Donald Trump. Period,” citing “bully dirty tricks Nixonian tactics” by Trump supporters, particularly Trump confidante Roger Stone. “Count me as never Trump,” he added.

Levin, who had endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for president in March, has repeatedly criticized Trump for not being a real conservative.

While he is clearly not happy with his choices, Levin acknowledges that Hillary is the greater evil.

Listen to the segment where Levin says he will vote for Trump here:

What do you think about this big endorsement – will it help the Trump campaign win over more skeptical conservatives? Answer in the comments below!