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Famous Actor Jamie Foxx Just DESTROYED Racist Al Sharpton In A BIG WAY!

Jamie Foxx

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx is furious about Rev. Al Sharpton and actor Will Smith’s plan to boycott the 2016 Oscars.

At the American Black Film Festival Awards, Foxx noted that the reason why Will Smith doesn’t have an Oscar is that he’s a mediocre actor… it has nothing to do with his skin color!

Foxx blasted the planned boycott, making a joke about why he doesn’t understand why anyone should pay attention to Smith’s boycott. Awards for movies should be based on how good the film is, not based on racism or quotas!

This is epic:

Jamie Foxx has reportedly told fellow actors of colour threatening a boycott of the Oscars over its all-white nominees to #actbetter if they want to win the top prize.

Appearing at the American black film festival awards on Sunday, the Oscar-winner joked that he and Denzel Washington were unimpressed with complaints over the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ failure to nominate a single actor of colour for the second year in a row.

“All these Oscar talks, I don’t even trip about that,” said Foxx, according to US Weekly. “I mean, what’s the big deal? I was sitting at home with my Oscar, like ‘What’s all the hubbub?’”

According to Page Six, Fox added: “Me and Denzel were like, ‘Hashtag what’s the big deal? Hashtag act better.’”

Foxx cited the attitude of Sidney Poitier, who became the first black winner of the best actor Oscar in 1964 for his turn in Lilies of the Field. “I was with Sidney Poitier just a couple weeks ago, and in 1963 all he asked for was an opportunity to act,” Foxx said. “That’s all we have to do: opportunity. If you turn the camera on and say, ‘OK … win an award … and action,’ we’ll all have taken 10 steps back. It’s all about the art. Who cares about anything else?”

Here’s the Hollywood Scoop on Jamie’s awesome move!

Foxx turned the knife by laughing at Will Smith’s lame Nigerian accent in his most recent movie Concussion. Foxx is unafraid to speak the truth, and is tired of racial bigotry! Well done, Jamie Foxx!

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