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VIDEO: This Famous Actor Drops a Truth Bomb on Whiny Liberal College Students – BRUTAL!


Famous actor Matthew McConaughey, who has won an Academy Award, is not politically correct, and he is a patriot. We know that he supports traditional Christian values, and slammed sensitive liberals about the Redskins football team name.

And recently, he took his powerful common-sense view to the University of Houston, where his graduation speech SHOCKED many entitled, spoiled college students who just completed four years of liberal indoctrination. His message was extraordinary!

“Congratulations class of 2015,” he began.

McConaughey is one of the hottest names in Hollywood. But Friday, he was on a different stage, dropping knowledge on the 4,300 graduates stepping out into the real world.

“Life’s not fair. It never was, isn’t now and won’t ever be. Do not fall into the entitled trap of feeling like you’re a victim. You are not,” he said.

The Academy Award winner told them to define their own success and enjoy the journey.

“Personally, as an actor, I started enjoying my work and literally being more happy when I stopped trying to make the daily labor a means to a certain end,” he said. “For example, I need this film to be a box office success.”

Tuning out what is probably the best lecture they have had at college, one even commented to the press about how much he disliked his speech:

The crowd got a little restless toward the end of McConaughey’s speech. Our cameras even caught one graduate taking a selfie while he was talking.

“The buildup to it was like ‘I guess this guy is gonna talk about what it’s like to be famous. That’ll help everybody getting their history degrees,'” said UH student Radu Bondar.

via ABC 13

Matthew is exactly right! These students want to play the victim or race card. They can blame their problems on society, their parents, or “the man.” They have been taken care of their whole lives and don’t know the meaning of hard work, and Matthew McConaughey shattered their carefully constructed universe.

Well done Matthew for your powerful, conservative message!

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