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Families Are Outraged to See Michelle Obama-Approved School Lunches (YUCK!)

Michelle Obama embodies the worst of busy-body progressivism… She wants to control every aspect of the raising of American children. But her school lunch control regulations, which were passed in the name of “healthy eating,” have been an utter failure. Students are in full revolt against these limited calorie lunches, while cash-strapped school districts are losing millions of dollars in uneaten lunches. In some parts of the country, the unwanted lunches are being turned into food to feed pigs!

Now, parents are getting involved… and they aren’t happy. A family in Chickasha, Oklahoma is FURIOUS about what their daughter is being served for lunch at school. Although Superintendent David Cash admits that the lunches are “Not enough,” he blames Michelle’s Federal school lunch regulations for the unsightly meals.

The photo of the Michelle-approved school lunch was taken by Kaytlin Shelton. The lunch consists of lean meat, two sets of crackers, a slice of cheese, and two pieces of cauliflower. This lunch is served a few times per month to students.

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This lunch isn’t enough for a typical growing and active student. But to make matters worse… Kaytlin is 8 months pregnant! Pregnant mothers need more food to feed their unborn babies:

“It makes me want to take that and take it to the Superintendent and tell him to eat it for lunch,” she said.

Kaytlin’s father Vince Holton says the $3 meal is not good enough for any student, much less one eight months pregnant.

“I can go pay a dollar for a lunchabe and get more food in it,” he said.

The school district says there are more options on Munchable day such as milk, beans and pears, but Superintendent David Cash agrees there’s a problem. He says it’s thanks to federal regulations to fight childhood obesity, which limit calories per meal based on a student’s age.

“You’ve got in some cases little kids that their only two meals are breakfast and lunch at school and they’re getting you know a grand total of 1100 calories. That’s not enough,” he said.

As for the Munchable? High school students are supposed to get five options at lunch but students only have to accept three. And state nutritional regulators say because of that the meal passes federal guidelines.


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Unbelievable! This is a classic example of how bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. shouldn’t be applying one-size-fits-all regulations to school districts. Eating healthy is an important skill for children to learn, but that would consist of lean meats, vegetables, and plenty of options. But this pathetically small lunch is quite unacceptable… It’s hard to imagine even prisoners being served this.

It is clear the school district’s hands are tied, thanks to the mandates and the Federal funding tied to compliance. Michelle Obama should be ashamed that a pregnant 17 year old is stuck eating such a limited meal.

Do you reject Michelle Obama’s lunch control regulations? Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.