Facebook Spam ‘Bug’ Pulls Coronavirus News Articles Down

An apparent bug in Facebook’s spam filter pulled a number of news articles down on Tuesday night, with many relating to the coronavirus outbreak.

News Articles Removed for No Reason

Late Tuesday afternoon, reports started to appear online of people unable to post some news articles, often relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Users who had already posted links received notifications from Facebook that their posts had been marked as spam, and removed for going against the site’s community standards.


The result for many of the news organizations is that they suffered a huge drop in reach on Facebook. It wasn’t just coronavirus news that was pulled, however. Entire domains seemed to be affected, with all posts that had a link to those domains being completely removed from Facebook. Anyone who attempted to then post any link from those domains could not post them or even send them in private messages.

Examples of these sites affected that I personally noticed included the New York Post, National File, and for some reason, the Radio Times, a British TV listings magazine. It is unclear at this point in time whether it was coronavirus stories that resulted in entire domains being flagged.

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Facebook: “A Bug In An Anti-Spam System”

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s VP of Integrity, said that the post removals was due to “a bug in an anti-spam system, unrelated to any changes in our content moderator workforce,” and said that they were in the “process of fixing and bringing all these posts back.”

In a later tweet, Rosen said that Facebook had “restored all the posts that were incorrectly removed, which included posts on all topics – not just those related to COVID-19,” and that “this was an issue with an automated system that removes links to abusive websites, but incorrectly removed a lot of other posts too.”

The development follows a previous announcement from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, who all said they would crack down on misinformation relating to the coronavirus outbreak:

We are working closely together on COVID-19 response efforts. We’re helping millions of people stay connected while also jointly combating fraud and misinformation about the virus, elevating authoritative content on our platforms, and sharing critical updates in coordination with government healthcare agencies around the world. We invite other companies to join us as we work to keep our communities healthy and safe.

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The removals therefore do seem rather suspicious – anyone in the conservative media should be wary about Big Tech cracking down on them and using the coronavirus as an excuse.

Jack Hadfield

Jack Hadfield is a conservative and free-speech advocate from the UK. He considers himself to be a professional mischief maker, and loves nothing more than annoying the pearl-clutching left. His work has previously appeared in Breitbart and Politicalite.

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