Tell-All Book About Clinton Loss Reveals Insider Look at Hillary’s Behavior

There’s a Hillary book coming out written by Johnathan Allen and Amie Parnes, blowing the lid off the Clintons and how they treated their staff during her second Presidential campaign loss.

The name of the book is called “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.”

According to pre-publication looks, she berated her staff and blamed them for everything, little and big. She took it out on Robbie Mook, the campaign manager, which I have to agree carries a lot of blame.

I watched Mook on TV every Sunday and he didn’t have a clue about anything. I tweeted and even wrote a few stories just how incompetent this guy was, but she hired him – so what does that tell you?

The DNC, liberal establishment, and the the media tried to make a beautiful T-Bone steak using liver and a lot of onions and it didn’t work. Clinton was a failed and flawed candidate from the beginning and it remained that way.

Source: Daily Caller

“She was visibly, unflinchingly pissed off at us as a group,” an unnamed staffer said in the book, according to an excerpt obtained by The Hill.  “And she let us know she felt that way.”

Reportedly furious after a dismal showing in the primaries, Clinton manufactured multiple reasons for her performance. She blamed her former campaign director Robby Mook for not selecting the right travel stops and for spending heavily in the wrong areas.

Clinton really had no chance in the election. Americans had already began a huge movement toward electing someone who wasn’t bought by special interests and was a champion against the establishment, and she was their poster girl.

Here’s the kicker. Clinton blamed Mook for focusing on minorities instead of white people that supported her during her race against Obama in 2008. What a loser!

“Neither Clinton could accept the simple fact that Hillary had hamstrung her own campaign and dealt the most serious blow to her own presidential aspirations,” the authors wrote.

“The underlying truth — the one that many didn’t want to admit to themselves — was the person ultimately responsible for these decisions, the one whose name was on the ticket, hadn’t corrected these problems, all of which had been brought to her attention before primary day. She’d stuck with the plan, and it had cost her,” Allen and Parnes concluded.

Do you think Hillary had a chance? Do you think even with a good campaign manager, would she have been able to overcome all of those obstacles she created?

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