Ex-MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Claims Pro-Trump Republicans Don’t ‘Understand Democracy’

Chris Matthews

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews reemerged on Tuesday to appear on his ex-colleague Joy Reid’s show, where he condescendingly said that Republicans who support former President Donald Trump do not “understand democracy.”

Matthews Sounds Off

“What are dots on the screen in the last several months? Well you president who said the previous president was illegal immigrant,” Matthews said. “He was not president. He couldn’t be he was here illegally, he snuck in the country — an absurd, awful, racist comment.”

“Now a former president, thankfully, calls this president illegal,” he added. “Who says he’s not president. He’s gotten 2/3 of the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln saying that Joe Biden is not president! It’s gotten to be worse and worse.”

“They go from relying on the Electoral College because they can’t get the popular vote,” Matthews continued. “They lost in ’16 by almost 4 million and lost again in ’20. They think it’s cute to win by the Electoral College. Of course its constitutional.”

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Matthews Doubles Down

“Now they doesn’t even believe in the Electoral College. Trump doesn’t even believe he lost the Electoral College,” he said. “Democracy as Jefferson taught us, with all Jefferson’s faults, slavery and rest, he did give us, ‘All men are created equal.’ He did give us a goal, ironically, a goal. This crowd doesn’t understand democracy.”

Matthews went on to double down by attacking the Republicans who support Trump.

“If you ask the average Republican who likes Trump do you really want the majority to rule in this country? Simple question. Do you think majority of American citizens should rule this country?” Matthews continued.

“A simple democracy vote, question. Do you think they’re going to say yes? No. They are going to say, let’s reduce the number of minority voters. Let’s reduce the number of young voters while we’re at it.”

“By the way Trump knows he lost,” he concluded. “He lost the Electoral College. He lost Pennsylvania. He lost Wisconsin. He lost Michigan. I’m sorry Mr. President, you’re not Mr. President anymore. You got to wake up.”

Matthews Addresses His Controversial MSNBC Exit

Matthews also addressed the controversy that saw him leave MSNBC after he was accused of making inappropriate comments about a female guest as she sat in the makeup chair getting ready to go on air.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” Matthews said, according to The New York Post. Nobody has to come to defend me. And by the way I’ve kept all of my friends but nobody needs to defend me. I did something wrong. So I’m going to move on from that.”

“I accept it,” he added. “I took ownership of it — using a nice modern phase — I have took complete ownership. I did not deny it. I lost my show over it. That’s it — so that’s the truth.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on June 2, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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