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European Police Issue DIRE Warning About Muslim Migrants

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Europe’s Muslim migrant problem is quickly spiraling out of control.

As more reach the shores of Europe every day, a crisis looms.

How is Europe going to handle the thousands of migrants who are allowed to move freely on the continent? Where will they be put and how long will they stay?

In France, they’ve issued the following dire prediction about how bad the crisis will be once summertime hits.

Via Breitbart:

In the Northern French port town of Calais, police are worried that the increasing number of migrants trying to cross over to the UK may create chaos this summer. The past three weeks has seen a surge of migrants who have hitched rides on commercial trucks, hiding themselves away in attempts to reach Britain, TheLocal reports.

A spokesman for the police in the town said, “migrants once again attempted to slow down the traffic by placing branches on the road to obstruct lorries heading to the port of Calais. Migrants are cutting down and putting branches, and even tree trunks, on the road and they are operating simultaneously in several places.”

That is frightening. Will any of this over-spill reach America? Obama’s planning to import thousands of migrants this summer, so the heat will be on!

Are we doing enough about the migrant issue? Share your thoughts!