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Nuclear Plant On High Terrorism Alert After THIS Happened!

Just days after a massive terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium left over 30 casualties, the country is AGAIN on high alert because of an incident at a nuclear power plant.

Via Reuters

Two days after bomb attacks at Brussels airport and on a packed metro killed 31 people and injured hundreds, a security guard who worked at a Belgian nuclear plant was murdered and his pass was stolen, Belgian media reported on Saturday.

The French language Derniere Heure (DH) newspaper reported the security guard’s badge was de-activated as soon as it was discovered he had been shot dead in the Charleroi region of Belgium and his badge stolen.

A police spokeswoman said she could not comment because an investigation was ongoing.

In a nation on high alert following this week’s attacks, the report stokes fears about the possibility militants are seeking to get hold of nuclear material or planning to attack a nuclear site.

This is terrible news. Belgium has already proven itself to be incapable of thwarting terrorists, what will stop one of them from using this security pass to infiltrate the nuclear plant and cause a MASSIVE melt down!?
Hopefully they did the smart thing and deactivated the card. But then again, they did RELEASE one of the suspects who ended up blowing up the airport. Not a good time in Belgium.

Will ISIS attack a nuclear plant? Share your thoughts!