EU Government Official Inquires How Obama Could be IMPEACHED!

John Schindler

Security consultant and former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer John Schindler took to social media to report that a “senior” European Union diplomat had inquired into America’s impeachment policies, saying his government believes Obama is “mentally unwell.”

To which Americans everywhere collectively responded …

Schindler posted on Twitter:

Via Gateway Pundit:

A senior diplomat with a European Union government allegedly told former NSA intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer and Daily Beast columnist John Schindler that his/her government believes President Barack Obama is ‘quite mentally unwell’ and inquired about impeachment – an apparent suggestion that his/her government believes Obama is unfit to serve as president and should be removed from office–according to a tweet by Schindler posted Monday.

What is striking is that the ‘senior EU diplomat’ said it was the opinion of his/her government, not his/her personal opinion, that Obama was considered a candidate for removal from office for insanity.

Of course, Obama would never be impeached by a Republican-led Congress, because they’d never recover from a media that would immediately portray them as racist for holding the first black President accountable to the law.

That said, the European Union might want to temper their expectations.  Here is Obama’s replacement in the event he should be impeached …

John Schindler

That’s right, the man who believes ‘jobs’ is a three-letter word, and who once told a man in a wheel chair to ‘Stand up, Chuck!’

Be careful what you wish for.

Comment:  Do you believe other nations, our allies and adversaries, think Obama is ‘mentally unwell?’  Do you believe he is ‘mentally unwell?’

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