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Establishment Makes A Big Move Against Trump And Democracy

colorado GOP

The Establishment GOP is pulling out all the stops to stop Donald Trump.

Despite Trump’s huge victory in state after state, the GOP is subverting democracy.

Yesterday, they were at it again. It was bad for Trump and bad for America.

Via Politico.

It was another delegate bloodbath for Donald Trump.

In Georgia. In Wyoming. In South Carolina. In Kansas. In Florida. Ted Cruz put on a clinic, mobilizing his GOP activist base to capture at least 50 delegates on Saturday while Trump came away with about a dozen in another bruising defeat that undermines his chances to become the Republican presidential nominee.

If Trump fails to clinch the nomination by the end of primary season on June 7, the nomination will likely be decided at a contested convention in July. And Cruz, after picking up scores of loyal delegates who he expects stick with him if the convention takes multiple votes to resolve, is radiating confidence about his ability to prevail in that scenario.

This is disturbing. Cruz has sold his soul to make ensure the nomination, the will of the people be damned!

The sad thing is, this is all completely “legal.” Cruz and his team knew the rules and took advantage.

At the end of all of this Trump will have himself to blame for not knowing the rules for acquiring delegates.


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