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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Jan says:

    They are right these governments controls are closing there eye’s to the dangers our law enforcement in free world country’s. Put there lives at risk isn’t right at all. But mind you if they insult our police enforcement in the USA They have no problems with shooting them 10 to 16 times! They will die for there actions here just do homework it’s a fact Texas rangers always gets there man! USA is prepared to fight there unlawful behavior will not be tolerated by any means. Cop killers don’t live long! We the people will not lay our guns down! If it means we have to save our policeman from harm we will do so by any means! God made us all a beautiful world to live in we have the right to protect our people from bad doers, IF England had any gusts left they to would back up there law enforcement and stop being afraid of being able to walk there streets . The only thing you should fear is the fear of God’s raft. Not Muslims extrameist…… you British need to grow a pair! Over the course of time you have forgotten who you are.

  2. Nick MacLeod says:

    My God, that is so outrageous! If the police officer were beheaded “it would be their own fault?” What is happening to this world? Great Britain certainly needs another Margret Thatcher or a Winston Churchill. We cannot allow this sort of acquiescence to the radicals in our country! Where are the world’s patriots? Where are the courageous? I say enough! I swore an oath to defend America in 1977 when I enlisted in the US Army and I still hold that oath sacred today! I won’t let America fall without a fight! And I WILL vote for Donald J. Trump for president! God Bless America!

  3. Colleen S says:

    He is a man of Great wisdom. His courage is something to admire. I see his courage because he is treading on dangerous grounds. The Donald and America need all the prayers they can get.
    BTW I think I’m falling in love. LOL

  4. Anna says:

    Finally, someone who
    1) accurately assesses the situation
    2) tells the truth about what he sees
    3) is not concerned with PC BS.
    Trump is the best!

  5. James says:

    President Trump

  6. Min says:

    And that idiot Cameron prime minister, had the nerve to critique trump, flash news Cameron stay out of our business, America is not going to eco me then he’ll hole England,so shutup

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