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England’s Police Makes HUGE Announcement About Donald Trump!

Donald Trump

Police officers just made a huge announcement in England by backing up Donald Trump’s claim that they can’t police many Muslim communities because of Islamic extremism.

Officers noted that the “Islamification” of England’s capital means they have to be so fearful that they frequently aren’t even allowed to wear uniforms out of fear of safety.

Police officers risk their lives everyday to keep us safe from criminals. But they can’t do their jobs in many parts of England, because the threat from Islamic communities is so extreme!

A Lancashire Police officer told MailOnline: ‘There are Muslim areas of Preston that, if we wish to patrol, we have to contact local Muslim community leaders to get their permission’.

One officer from Yorkshire said on the online forum Police.Community: ‘I’m not allowed to travel in half blues to work anymore IN MY OWN CAR as we’re “All at risk of attack” – yet as soon as someone points out the obvious it’s ‘divisive.’

He added: ‘In this instance he (Trump) isn’t wrong. Our political leaders are best either ill-informed or simply being disingenuous.

‘He’s pointed out something that is plainly obvious, something which I think we aren’t as a nation willing to own up to – do you think a US Police Department would ban officers from wearing their uniforms under jackets etc due to FEAR of their cops being killed by extremists?

‘We implement half measures such as “No-one is allowed to come into work half blues, even in your own cars because if you get beheaded it’ll be your own fault.

‘It would be seen as un-American, un-democratic, not the done thing… In the UK though we accept it’.

One female officer in the Met said if a police officer was attacked it would be written off.

She said: ‘Even if one of us did get killed or dragged off in a van. It would just be reported as a “one-off incident” and no reason to change the ‘British style of policing.’

Another Met officer who resigned this year said: ‘I was a PC in the Met for 11 years – I resigned as I couldn’t handle it anymore.’

Via Daily Mail

Clearly, Donald Trump is willing to speak the truth! He is running a self-funded campaign, and is sounding the alarm on the dangers America faces from Islamic immigration.

Does ANYONE think importing Syrian refugees is a good idea? We can’t let what is happening in England to happen in America… Especially after the terrorist attacks in England!

These police officers should be applauded for risking their careers and speaking out in support of Donald Trump.

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