Emails Shows VP Biden’s Office Colluding With Bloomberg Reporter to Bury Damning Hunter Biden Story

Emails published earlier this week show the office of then-Vice President Joe Biden colluding with a Bloomberg News reporter to bury a damaging story about Hunter Biden.

The emails – obtained by America First Legal (AFL) through its ongoing lawsuit against the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) – show the President of Hunter’s firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, Eric Schwerin, checking in with the Vice President’s media team about potential follow up stories to a New York Times article in 2015.

The Times on December 8th of that year suggested the “credibility of the vice president’s anticorruption message may have been undermined” by Hunter’s role on the board of Burisma Holdings. (Can you imagine such a story being written today?)

Schwerin sent an inquiry to Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s communications director at the time, and who would eventually serve as White House communications director until stepping down last month, asking about “follow up” pieces to the story.

Bedingfield replied that she had been in discussion with a Bloomberg reporter who assured Biden’s team she was “doing everything she can to not use it.”

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Hunter Biden’s Firm Pushed Vice President Joe Biden’s Office to Squash Bloomberg Story

During Hunter’s time on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, he was making $50,000 per month despite not having any experience in business, engineering, or fossil fuels.

How desperate was the Bloomberg reporter to shut down any stories involving the Vice President’s son, his son’s firm, and potential corruption?

This desperate …

“I would just urge her (as I know you are doing) that there is no new news there,” Schwerin told Bedingfield. “And even if she uses it — she should avoid getting into past stories (Navy, etc.) that have nothing to do with this.”

“Absolutely – we have had two conversations about it,” Bedingfield replied. “She will only use if her editors hold a gun to her head. She absolutely will not do the second thing.”

Biden was discharged from the Navy Reserve after failing a cocaine test.

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Biden’s ‘I Know Nothing’ About Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Defense

Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley responded to revelations from the newly released emails saying they “torpedo” the President’s claims that he had no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

“For years, President Biden has maintained a Sgt. Schultz defense to counter allegations that his family has profiteered on influence peddling with foreign countries and companies,” Turley writes.

“Now, emails have emerged that show that Biden personally helped draft responses to the controversial deals in 2015 when he was vice president.”

Turley notes that the latest email discovery shows Bedingfield telling Hunter’s firm’s President that Joe Biden personally “approved” a statement regarding his son’s Burisma board position.

“VP signed off on this — will give this quote to reporters in my name shortly,” she wrote in a 2015 email.

As for the aforementioned Bloomberg reporter, the outlet did run a brief story that included a quote from Vice President Biden stating he “(doesn’t) have any doubt about my son” in terms of the integrity of his work.

Bedingfield responded by calling the story’s publication “frustrating” and expressing hope that nobody else would cover it going forward – “So long as it doesn’t elevate and trigger someone else to write…”

Fox News reports that Bloomberg eventually deleted the story from their news website in 2016, a preview of how most legacy media would handle scandalous stories involving Hunter Biden going forward.

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  • how is this NOT tampering with evidence? is it still illegal to obstruct justice or does that simply not apply to DEMOCRATS?

  • Why TF are there so MANY scumbags (apparently) working for/infesting our gubmint? C'mon, man! Send ME a check for a million bucks and I will stop wondering!

  • Why is it, that whenever the Republicans call out a Biden. It's considered a waste of time, misinformation, never happened. But when a democratic tries to put forth a huge lie. That will cost the country awhole lot of money. Will be considered the holi grail. So without proof the Democratics can get away with damn near everything. But the Republicans are going to be told to sit down and shut up.

  • Apparently politicalinsider doesn't like or allow the truth but allows income scams instead. It's nice to know counts and who doesn't in today's society.

  • With all of the illegal BS that Biden and his syndicate have been found doing, I'm surprised that Joe isn't on Death Row instead of Pennsylvania Ave. If Joe was a Republican, he would have been hanging from a rope more than 2 years ago.

  • I doubt that there is anything Margaret Talev would not do for compensation----no ethics; no moral compas; no conscience---therefore she is a perfect Libturd/Democrat

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