Elizabeth Warren Vows She Won’t Tax Middle Class to Pay for Medicare-For-All – Don Jr. Calls Her Out

After being criticized by her fellow Democratic 2020 presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren finally unveiled her supposed “plan” to pay for her astronomically expensive Medicare-for-All, which she claims she can accomplish without raising taxes on the middle class.

‘Billionaires can afford it and I don’t call them middle class’

Warren says only “billionaires” will have pay for her plan.

“It doesn’t raise taxes on anybody but billionaires,” Warren told CBS News. “And, you know what, the billionaires can afford it and I don’t call them middle class.”

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The cost of Warren’s plan is estimated to be a ridiculous $52 trillion over a decade, something even she acknowledges. The Daily Wire reported, “It would cost more than $5 trillion a year. For comparison, the federal government spent an already alarming $4.11 trillion in fiscal year 2018, up from $3.99 trillion in fiscal year 2017.”

Don Jr. Destroys Warren

That’s when the President’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., jumped in to point out the absurdity of her claim that the middle class wouldn’t bear the brunt of her proposal.

“Her plan costs $52,000,000,000,000 and there are about 600 billionaires in the US,” Don Jr. tweeted. “If you took $1 Billion from each of them you cover about 1% of her plan.”

“It’s just irresponsible to pretend she can do this without destroying the middle class and the economy,” he added.


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Amusingly, Trump Jr. wasn’t the only one to point out how mathematically silly her plan is.

Biden Destroys Warren

2020 candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, said Warren was basically lying to the American people.

“For months, Elizabeth Warren has refused to say if her health care plan would raise taxes on the middle class, and now we know why: because it does. Senator Warren would place a new tax of nearly $9 trillion that will fall on American workers,” said Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield in a statement.

“The mathematical gymnastics of this plan are all geared towards hiding a simple truth from voters: it’s impossible to pay for Medicare for All without middle class tax increases,” the statement added.

Everyone Else Destroys Warren!

Warren was taken to task by both conservative and non-conservative mainstream media.

“Now we know why Elizabeth Warren took so long to release the financing details of her Medicare-for-All plan,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board said in a piece published on Sunday. “The 20 pages of explanation she released Friday reveal that she is counting on ideas for cost-savings and new revenue that are a fiscal and health-care fantasy.”

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In the Washington Post, opinion columnist Megan McArdle, slammed Warren’s Medicare-for-all scheme.

“She finally released her comprehensive Medicare-for-all plan, which promises lower costs for everyone, paid for by taxes on corporations and the rich,” wrote McArdle. “The good news is, the math adds up, as long as you buy her assumptions. The bad news is that Warren’s assumptions are crazier than keeping a pet rhinoceros, after which, who cares that her calculator works? This is to actual policymaking as the plastic noodles in a ramen-bar window is to lunch.”

From the Right, Left and center, literally no one is buying Warren’s explanation for how she can implement Medicare-for-All without hurting the middle class and he economy.

Shouldn’t that tell us all we need to know? Shouldn’t that tell Elizabeth Warren all she needs to know?

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Oh Dear Poco you lie about your heritage you lie about your teaching job being fired due to pregnancy and you lie about getting monies for your education Poco you are really in the correct Party due to the rest of the Dems and their lies so now who do you think will vote for u the Indians the doctors the seniors dought it so go to your tee pee and lie to the indians if they allow you in and by the way Medicare for all you also mean all you politicians who have a real great medical plan and give the citizens a Sh_t one correct!

  • Warren is banking on the Socialist Democrats winning the White house. If that happens America will be a one party country and the middle class will be taxed out of existence.In a totalitarian country such as a Socialist America would be, there are only two classes. The Elite with a well funded army to protect them consisting of bureaucrats, movie artists and socialist educators and the working class who pay for all that substandard free stuff.
    The first item on the agenda of a totalitarian state is to disarm the citizens, the second is to ban all free speech.

  • I don't think it's a peace pipe she's been smoking, Green Snow. To come up with the LOONY fantasies she envisions for this country, she must be smoking CRACK, or at LEAST weed!

  • I don't think it's a peace pipe she's been smoking, Green Snow. To come up with the LOONY fantasies she envisions for this country, she must be smoking CRACK, or at LEAST weed!

  • NOBODY should vote for a lying, amoral, SOULLESS Democrat for ANY office at ANY level! Being lying, conniving COMMUNISTS who want to WRECK our economy and reduce us to THIRD WORLD status in order to herd us into the NWO Globalist government of their mad dreams--they simply CANNOT be trusted with political power, at any level. They don't CARE about this country, or the people in it. ALL they care about is getting power and control over the rest of us!

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