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Elizabeth Warren To Struggling Families Dependent On Oil Jobs: ‘That’s Not the Only Job’

Peter Hasson on September 5, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren responded to a question about struggling families dependent on oil jobs by suggesting they find other work.

CNN climate correspondent Bill Weir asked the Massachusetts senator about families whose jobs depend on the biggest oil refinery in North America, located in Port Arthur, Texas.

“It is in Port Arthur, but it’s owned by a Saudi Arabian company that made more profit, twice as much profit as Apple computers last year, although right next door I met a family in a $60,000 house that can’t afford to fix the mold from Harvey. Even though they understand the problems, they would tell you: please don’t shut them down because I will die of starvation before I die of pollution,” Weir told Warren during CNN’s seven-hour climate town hall on Wednesday.

“They’re worried about jobs, and so what do you tell the pipe fitters and cafeteria workers in Port Arthur, what will happen to them if these places go dark?” he continued.

“So, I would say two things to them. The first one is, that’s not the only job in Port Arthur over the next 20 years. I’ve seen Port Arthur. Port Arthur is going to need a lot of infrastructure re-building and strengthening. It’s going to need a lot of help right on the water,” Warren responded.

“Those are good jobs. Those are union jobs, those are skilled jobs. We have a lot of work to do and I hope the workers in Port Arthur will be a big part of that,” she continued.

Warren followed by blaming corruption in Washington for climate change. “These changes are no longer optional. They’re no longer there as a maybe yes, maybe no,” Warren added.

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  • Someone needs to tell her, "Sucking up millions from your cushy government position? That's not the only job."

  • I worked forty years as an electrician. It started with four years of schooling and on the job training. Then over the next ten years I learned to do the job competently. Eventually a couple more years learning to run jobs and crews. Who wants to learn another craft after investing half your life learning the one you chose to start with?

  • Just like Hillary telling a crowd of coal miners and their families that if elected, she would eliminate coal burning plants, putting the all out of work. No clue!

  • She is so manipulate, knows all, where are the plans to fix Flint. They were hit again in recent weeks, they do not fit the agenda, as well as crimes in other states involving gangs etc. If you can not fix the now, why are they all so head strong on destroying the US in the name of Climate Change.


  • Maybe they can lie about their heritage and get accepted to an Ivy League college, then go on to be a spineless, democrat politician. Ooops, sorry, she and others have that occupation completely filled.

  • What do you expect coming from a rich liberal. And this one is a loon, at that! Well, maybe the people in her district can help her find another job. How about volunteering to clean toilets on a Native American reservation.

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