Elizabeth Warren Swings For Washington DC Statehood, Gets Smacked With the Constitution

Senator Elizabeth Warren declared her support for Washington D.C. to become a state and was immediately hit with a jolt of reality from critics via the Constitution.

Warren (D-MA) took to social media Monday to voice her opinion on a long-sought battle for the District’s statehood.

“D.C. should be a state,” she succinctly wrote.

Senate Democrats have renewed their push to grant statehood to the District of Columbia, having reintroduced legislation that would “give Washington D.C. citizens full representation in Congress.”

The bill has dozens of Democrat co-sponsors, of which Warren is one.

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Push for Washington D.C. Statehood Hits a Snag

The idea to make Washington D.C. a state is one championed by Democrats to give their party exclusive Senate representation from a left-wing stronghold.

However, Warren’s argument has significant opposition from one major source, and it’s a source that usually gets in the way of Democrat plans to usurp greater power.

The Constitution.

The national capital is not a state, as described in Article 1 of the Constitution. It was never intended to be a state. It was, as the Founding Fathers described, to be “the Seat of Government of the United States.”

The Justice Department, under both Democratic and Republican administrations, has a history of agreeing that statehood for the District requires a constitutional amendment rather than simple legislation.

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The Constitution Says Otherwise

Critics were quick to point out that Senator Warren’s dream of D.C. statehood is in direct conflict with the United States Constitution.

“Isn’t your one job to uphold the Constitution which categorically states the opposite?” asked The Redheaded Libertarian.

Senate Democrats don’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to compliance with the Constitution.

“Draft a constitutional amendment and stop with the sound bites,” Coast Guard veteran Jason Roberge fired back.

Journalist Kristi Leigh joked that Washington D.C. is already a state … a “state of corruption.”

The New York Times reported in 2021 that even if a bill somehow gives D.C. statehood a green light, Republican-controlled states would likely “sue to challenge its constitutionality” and the Supreme Court just “might dismiss such a case.”

Roger Pilon, a former Reagan administration official, testified before the House Oversight and Reform Committee and argued, according to the Times, that Congress “cannot use a statute to eliminate a constitutional directive, nor to take away people’s constitutional rights.”

Taking away people’s constitutional rights is what today’s Democrat party is all about.

Senate Democrats are facing a brutal Senate map in 2024, so it’s no wonder Warren and her colleagues are pushing a matter that would give their party two more lawmakers in that body.

According to 270towin, D.C. is extremely left-wing when it comes to presidential elections, and only becoming more so. The district voted 92% for Biden in 2020. The next most Democratic state was Vermont, with a mere 66% for Biden.

Since 1976, Ronald Reagan’s landslide in 1980 was the Democrats’ worst showing – at a mere 75%.

Screenshot: 270towin

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Democrats know a Constitutional Amendment would not be ratified by the States. Yet they still insist on making other attempts, simply because it keeps DC firmly in their corner.
    As for Mayor Bow Wow Bowser, let her fly her flag and then arrest her and charge her under 18 US Code § 700 for Willful Defacement of the Flag.

  • Not only does Article I of the Constitution prohibit D.C. from becoming a state, the land that D.C. is built on was DONATED by two existing states - Maryland and Virginia. Now, over time, I believe that Virginia has gotten back all it's donated land, which would leave the remaining land a donation of Maryland. If correct, any potential statehood for D.C., or political voting of the population of D.C., should belong to Maryland.

    If I have my facts straight, that would solve the "we can't vote for senators and congressmen" argument from people not in government. It WON'T shut up the folks IN government, because that's not their issue. <wicked grin> Their issue, obviously, is the quest for MORE POWER!! ROTFL!! But we don't have to be stupid enough to give it to them.

    Since we don't teach our children Civics classes like I was taught (back in the early 1970's), we don't teach them the Constitution like we should. I home schooled my sons, so they KNOW the Constitution. The most important part to start with, IMHO, is the Preamble. It states WHO is giving the government power (We The People) and WHY (to form a more perfect union, establish justice, promote the general welfare...). You get the idea. The best government is LIMITED government. But since the progressives have taken over (about 110 years ago), their governing theme seems to be that We the People are silly children who can't even wipe our own behinds without some government bureaucrat to give us step by step instructions AND watch us do it to make sure we're doing it right. <sigh of long suffering, wrist on forehead like Scarlett O'Hara>

    Pardon me, but I'm 62 and have been managing my own affairs for quite a while now, thanks so much, and I've been arguing with my doctors when they've tried to push treatments on me that would have killed me. You'll notice that I'm still alive. :-D I am what I like to call "a persistent patient." I'm also prone to be a cast iron pain in the posterior if doctors don't listen to me, since I live in this body and they don't. LOL!

    Actually, that description fits me in other areas of life. I'm a well educated woman who will not be treated like a child... by ANYONE. Had a air conditioning specialist try to bamboozle me after a repair his company did for me go slightly awry. They built a metal duct for me, and afterward, their new duct for an a/c started sweating because the insulation failed. They tried to blame the insulation in the rest of the house. I wasn't buying it. I held up a glass and said, "Let's pretend this is a thermos. It's properly insulated, so you can't tell whether it's holding liquid nitrogen or lava, right?" He agreed. "So," I continued, "If your ductwork is properly insulated, we shouldn't be seeing any sweating from the humid, hot air outside, correct?" He said nothing. "Here's the deal. If this sweating is because of the ductwork in the rest of the house, fix it and send me a bill. If it's because the insulation in your ductwork has failed, fix it and DON'T send me a bill." He agreed, and I went about my day. I did NOT get a bill, because I had proved to him I wasn't buying his line of bull. :-D

  • Washington, DC can never be a state of America. One thing is that Washington, District of Columbia is a FOREIGN COUNTRY. Two it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL Three it was originally to be used for Foreign Trade (Commerce)for the Republic (the United States) Why is the Capital of America in a Foreign Country?

    • Because the spammers are seemingly smarter than our commenting platform's filters. The stricter we make the spam filter; the more real comments get swept up while spam comments continue to circumvent. Frankly, it's maddening.

  • The democrat party has a visceral hatred for the constitution, and will do or say anything to destroy the constitution and this nation!

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