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Warren Needs To Resign Immediately After Being Caught Red-Handed Defrauding Native Americans

Senator Elizabeth Warren reportedly has said there could be other documents out there with the same Native-American box checked.

This woman is a fraud. And that’s based on The Washington Post exposing her Texas Bar registration card where she added “Indian” when describing her racial identity. I am still not over that. She has said she didn’t use this to advance her career. Yet, she has, and that makes her a liar as well. How can she hold office?

The real hypocrisy here is the utter lack of “righteous” indignation over the affirmative-action fraud that is inherent in the thing. My idea (which could be incorrect) is that the left is permanently against ever shining any light of law and order anywhere near affirmative action.

Lying about your race on official documents is a law violation. And a display of racism. Sen. Warren is a true embarrassment for all Americans. She would do right by giving back the tuition credits she received when she lied on her applications to Harvard and a University of Pennsylvania.  It’s all disgusting behavior by an unscrupulous woman.

As for Warren, well, she deserves all the ridicule and insults heaped upon her for the hypocrite, liar, and corrupt creature she is, and none of the support from dewy-eyed, ignorant, gullible, and ideologically blinded fans.

Democrats actively manufacture their unwarranted assaults against others (i.g., Kavanaugh), find them guilty and demand they step down immediately before even reviewing all the facts. There, I corrected it for you. Since the left has a history of demanding others step down before having all the facts, you agree that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax, Attorney General Mark Herring and Warren should all step down immediately, right?

In my opinion, Warren is not sorry for lying or misrepresenting her ancestry. She’s apologizing instead for not being a tribal citizen! In her mind, that clears things up and keeps her moral centerboard in the water with her critics.

Her financial wealth should be cut in half by a “mindful” court and given to charities for real Indians. Warren truly speaks with a “forked tongue.”

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