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“There’s like a giant Amazon warehouse filled with cages of women, cages of men, and cages of little girls and little boys,” Warren claimed. “A great nation does not separate children from their families.”

Migrants making their way to the U.S.-Mexico border, coming from both Mexico and Central America, are often brutalized by cartel smugglers for a variety of reasons. These cartels have made billions off of the drug trade and human trafficking because of America’s poor border security.

Wouldn’t a more secure border make it harder for these foreign organized criminals to make money off the backs of poor people?

How has President Trump’s desire to build a wall and strengthen our national security made the illegal immigration problem worse–much less created it?

Did Trump Create the Illegal Immigration Crisis?

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Trump Has Been the Only One Willing to Fix This Crisis

Breitbart spells out how bad the situation is south of the U.S.

“Since 2009, there have been more than 250,000 homicides in Mexico and at least 30,000 disappearances,” the news outlet notes. “In 2017, there were 26,573 murders, 1,275 kidnappings, and 5,357 extortion cases in Mexico, marking the bloodiest year in the country in 20 years, despite these figures not capturing the scope of the cartel violence occurring in Mexico.”

Neither President Trump nor his policies caused these awful events in any way.

“In the last year alone, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested more than 6,600 convicted murderers and convicted sex offenders who were in the United States illegally,” Breitbart notes. “Of that total, 4,975 of the illegal aliens arrested were convicted sex offenders. The other 1,641 illegal aliens had been convicted of homicide.”

Again, would Warren have Trump NOT crack down on these crimes? And how, pray tell, is any of this the President’s fault?

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“Another 1,913 illegal aliens that were arrested by ICE had pending sex offense charges against them, while 387 illegal aliens had pending murder charges against them,” Breitbart adds. “For each one of these crimes, there are at least one or more American and legal immigrant victims.”

Elizabeth Warren Has it Backward

Warren has it exactly backward. The current illegal immigration crisis is the fault of every president and most politicians who came before Donald Trump, who did nothing to strengthen America’s porous southern border.

Donald Trump is the first to recognize the problem and have the will to do something about it. Elizabeth Warren couldn’t be more wrong in her claim.

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