As Electoral College Votes Today, An Elector Just RESIGNED in Ohio!

When the Electoral College votes, it’s usually an unremarkable day. But the 2016 Presidential election isn’t just an ordinary Presidential election.

With DNC email leaks and vicious smears of President-elect Donald Trump, some electors have promised not to vote for Trump today.

Now, in the state of Ohio – where Trump won despite being opposed by their Republican Governor – liberals filed a lawsuit keeping an elector from casting her ballot today!

The lawsuit, filed against State Rep. Christina Hagan of Alliance Ohio. Hagan is 28 years old, and also works part-time as a waitress to support her family.

Now, she was been forced to resign, before casting her ballot.

As The Columbus Dispatch reports:

“It is unfortunate that the extreme left has engaged in what is the most obvious display of partisan and extreme political bullying that can occur,” said a post on Hagan’s Facebook page late Sunday night. “I however will gladly resolve any potential frivolous lawsuits from moving forward by resigning my opportunity to Chair and cast a vote as a member of the Electoral College in order to ensure no delay in the official election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States.”

In a text message, Hagan added, “I did not step down due to the liberal left’s lawsuit. I stepped down to ensure they did not slow the process of electing the president in any way. I am a firm believer that this is intended to be a peaceful transition regardless of their attempts to create excess hardships and havoc. I will be speaking today within the Senate Chamber to fellow supporters.”

Hagan’s resignation would mean the other remaining electors by Ohio law would choose another person to replace her.

Deborah Cain of Lake Township and Andrew DiLiddo Jr. of Plain Township sought to file a lawsuit Saturday asking the Stark County Common Pleas Court to restrain Hagan from serving as an elector. Stark County Clerk of Court Louis Giavasis said the plaintiffs attempted to file the lawsuit via fax machine Saturday. That apparently that did not meet the court’s standards for an emergency filing of a lawsuit.

The suit was officially filed Monday morning shortly before 9. It has been assigned to Common Pleas Judge John Haas.

The lawsuit involves a state constitution provision for state legislators serving as electors. State Rep. Kirk Schuring served as en elector for President George W. Bush in 2004 while in office but there was no legal challenge.

But liberals will stop at nothing to disrupt today’s democratic process, in hopes of embarrassing the President-elect.

What do you think about a state elector resigning in Ohio? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.

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