chris kyle

‘American Sniper’ is broke countless box-office records. It had the 2nd highest grossing weekend for any R-rated movie, and sparked debate across America. It’s hard to remember any movie which has been such a cultural phenomenon, and inflamed passions across the political spectrum.

Watch (below) a message from Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the famous sniper with 160 confirmed kills, as he gives a timely warning about President Barack Obama. He warns us about how deep Obama’s anti-2nd Amendment philosophy is. Isn’t that sad for a constitutional professor to be so opposed to gun rights?

Guns save lives. And the 2nd Amendment protects all the other rights in the Constitution. How else does one stop a tyrannical government?

“I don’t know exactly what he’s doing,” Kyle said then, referring to Obama’s efforts to enact gun control according to, “but I know he’s definitely against the Second Amendment, and he’s trying to ban everything.”

“Good luck,” he said. “Because I’ve talked to a bunch of the cops and the Secret Service guys. They’re not going to dare go to anyone’s house [to confiscate weapons], especially if they know they have guns. They don’t want to be knocking on doors.”

“You start putting these bans in effect — you know, these people who don’t know anything about the guns — and they start thinking, ‘Well, who needs 30-round magazines?’” he said. “Really? That’s just opening the door so you can start taking more of our rights.”

“It was there, it was started by our Founding Fathers, and they had the same weapons the military did,” he argued. “We don’t even have that today. But don’t try to take what I’ve already got.”

Transcript via Young Cons

The 2nd Amendment is not a collective right. It is an individual right – and a reflection upon the rights given to us by God to defend ourselves and our families. It is shameful to have a President who doesn’t agree.

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