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Dying Broncos Fan Thought Her Final Wish Wouldn’t Happen… Then THE PHONE RINGS!


A woman diagnosed with cancer more than two years ago was just told by doctors she had only a few more weeks to live.

That’s because her health took a sudden turn for the worse as the cancer cells grew rapidly in her body.

Her name is Cindy Harris, and her family immediately sprung into action trying to make her dying wish come true. Before she dies, she wanted to make sure she met famous NFL quarterback Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos. Harris is a big Broncos fan, and she loves Manning.

The story spread over Facebook and Twitter… Then was picked up by local television outlets (below).

And just as the family was about to give up hope, the phone rang. While Peyton Manning was unable to visit Cindy while preparing for the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots… it was Manning on the phone!

He told her:

I just want you to know that I’m glad to hear you’re such a big Broncos fan and supporter of mine. And, I appreciate that and that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. I know you’re going through a tough fight right now and you have a lot of people pulling for you and praying for you and you can add me to that list.

Peyton Manning is 100% classy. What a great man!

Then, Cindy was given two free playoff tickets. She attended with her daughter and they cheered the Broncos onto victory. Incredible!

While too many NFL players are in trouble with the law, it’s nice to know that Peyton Manning is a role model we can be proud of.

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