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The President Of The Philippines Just Gave The Best Christmas Message Of All Time

Considered by many to be the “Donald Trump of Asia” Rodrigo Duterte, The President of the Philippines, was an outsider elected to clean up corruption in crime. A lot of leftists and even our President are not a fan of his “hardline” tactics, but that is only motivation for Duerte to work harder and go after more drug criminals and thugs. He’s not a big fan of Obama anyway. President Trump has already praised Duterte and invited him to the White House, further angering leftists.

This Christmas message from Duterte is only going infuriate liberals more.

He’s has a special holiday message for the thieves and criminals who want to hurt the Philippines.

BOOM! That is really awesome. It isn’t politically correct but its straight up front and honest. If you’re looking to cause crime and disruption in his country President Duterte WILL COME for you.

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