We know that Sadie Robertson, just like the entire Duck Dynasty cast, is a proud Christian. She has shown her dancing skills while being a role model to millions of young ladies. Her parents have so much to be proud of.

But her latest announcement is extraordinary! She is launching a brand of rain boots with Roma Boots in the fall. These boots are not only fashionable, but every purchase results in a pair of new boots full of school supplies donated to a child in need. That is so beautiful and fantastic!

The campaign is known as “Give Poverty the Boot” (#givepovertytheboot is the hashtag) and it’s already going viral.

In today’s era of Obama, young people are often taught that “charity” only comes from the government. Sadie is showing them what private companies can do. She has a big heart and her new brand is helping the less fortunate. That is a profoundly Christian thing to do.

Thank you Sadie for being such an amazing role model!

Do you support Sadie Robertson? Please share this news and help give poverty “the boot!”