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Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Tells Engaged Son, “You Can’t Come Home!” Here’s The AMAZING Reason!

Missy Robertson
Getting kicked out of your parents’ home is difficult. But sometimes, it’s a necessary step that needs to be done to teach our kids about life. Would you do this to your son?

Back in December, Reed Robertson, who is the son of A&E’s Duck Dynasty’s Jase and Missy Robertson, became engaged to his long-time girlfriend Brighton Thompson. The announcement was posted on Instagram:

I couldn’t be more excited to marry this amazing woman. My fiancé is a babe in every way.

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Months latter in a powerful blog post, Missy Robertson explained publicly why he told Reed he can never come home:

Reed, I love you with all my heart, but once you say ‘I do’ this fall, you can’t come home. And Brighton, you’re stuck with him.”

Why would she say this to her own son? As Ms. Robertson explained, there is a background to this story, which started with her father doing the same thing before her wedding to Jase:

So, when he stopped me in the hallway of our house one day during that festive week, took me by the shoulders, faced me head on and stated, “Missy, I need to tell you something very important”, it definitely got my attention. He looked me dead in the eyes and said, “When you get married on Friday, you can’t come home.”

What? Where in the world did this come from? Maybe I didn’t hear him correctly. So, I asked him to clarify.

Again, he said, “You are not welcome to come back to this house to live after Friday night.”

As her wise father explained:

“When you have problems with your husband, and you will, you’ll need to work them out. Your mom and I will be here to help you however we can, but you’ll have to go home to your husband.”

Mrs. Robertson concluded:

“Now that my oldest son, Reed, has chosen Brighton to be his wife, he needs to love her more than he loves me. And I, as his mom, need to understand that. There is no place in a marriage for a man to love his mother more than he loves his wife. And there is no place in a marriage for a mother who hasn’t accepted that.”

Robertson noted her own mother-in-law lived by this wisdom, and opined, “I’ve been abundantly blessed with a mother-in-law who understands her role in her sons’ marriages. She not only has four sons, but she has four daughters because of that. I’m hoping to be that same wonderful, godly mother-in-law to Brighton.”

Clearly the Robertson family knows the importance of marriage and what it’s all about. Young children become adults when they learn to work with their spouses when there are problems, instead of returning home like children.

If more families understood this, there weren’t be so many divorces! Thank you Missy Robertson for sharing your wisdom with your fans! You are a true role model to mothers-in-law everywhere…

Missy Robertson

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