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Dr. Ben Carson Just Exposed Hillary In A HUGE WAY! (Video)

Ben Carson

Many national polls show that conservative businessman Donald J. Trump is dominating the Republican field but would lose to Hillary Clinton in a general election.

But as Dr. Ben Carson explained on Fox News, that hypothetical election would turn out far differently than the polls can show today.

As Dr. Carson, who endorsed Trump last month after dropping out of the race, opined, Trump’s ability to turn out massive crowds at campaign rallies and polling places are strong proof that Trump has what it takes to destroy Hillary Clinton easily!

In fact, these early, meaningless polls are being promoted by the liberal media, in hopes of possibly skewing the results…

Carson, the show’s Hashtag One Lucky Guy, said: “Look at the numbers of people coming out to vote, the people who are giving these polls and saying Trump would lose against Hillary — it is a bunch of garbage. They could get whatever answer they want by asking who they want and asking the question in a certain way and they try to manipulate people.”

[As Outnumbered co-host Julia Roginsky asked,] “Every single poll can’t be skewed, doctor.”

Carson responded, “Look at the people who are coming out. Look at the masses of people coming to the rallies. Look at the masses of people coming out and voting. I guarantee you — I guarantee you that a lot more of those people are going to be in the conservative camp than you believe based on those polls.”

Via Mediaite

Dr. Carson, a brilliant retired neurosurgeon is speaking the truth about the polling. Trump is a type of presidential candidate that America has never seen before… And traditional polling methods cannot account for the overwhelming bipartisan appeal he has among voters who don’t typically support Republicans.

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