Noah Galloway is already an American hero and patriot. As a double-amputee veteran of the Iraq War, he carries with him every day a visible sign of what he has sacrificed for American freedom. And we can never repay him for what he risked and lost.

But now he’s home and adjusting to life… And wow, he can dance! He’s now a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and danced a samba with partner Sharna Burgress on Monday. Then he was surprised to be reunited with his girlfriend, Army Reserve Specialist Jamie Boyd.

Watch him show his skills as he dances to “Homegrown Honey.” His performance will knock your socks off!

Judge Julianne Hough said what the audience was clearly thinking:

Your musicality is so on point. You never miss a beat, you’re always there, and I think it’s because you know your body so well… You’re very strong, and you’re very grounded, and you’re always on beat. I love it!

Thank you Noah Galloway for your service to America!

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