Donna Brazile Book: Considered Replacing Hillary With Biden Following 9/11 Fainting Incident

Donna Brazile, former head of the Democratic National Committee, writes in her new book that she was so concerned about Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 presidential campaign that she threatened several times to remove Clinton as the party nominee, and nearly did so the day after Clinton’s startling fainting spell on Sept. 11.

There was no question that Clinton was in poor health throughout her campaign, and the fact that Brazile – the leader of the Democratic Party at the time – was concerned enough about it to remove her as nominee less than a month before the election should have been HUGE news story. But it wasn’t, and the fact that we’re only hearing about it now courtesy of a tell-all book proves that the liberal mainstream media actively worked to cover up just how bad Clinton’s health was.

The Clinton campaign was under 24/7 observation by the media; there’s no possible way that reporters somehow missed the fact that Brazile wanted to replace her with Joe Biden. But because the mainstream media was skewed in favor of protecting Clinton and defeating Donald Trump they opted to to chalk Clinton’s health issues up to “allergies” and turned their focus to pressuring Trump to release his medical records.

Even now liberals are attempting to cover for Clinton, with current DNC chairman Tom Perez calling Brazile’s claims “ludicrous,” while others have said that Brazile is buying into “false Russian propaganda.”

Somehow it always comes back to Russia. And yet, liberals continue to ignore the fact that it was Clinton who colluded with the Kremlin.

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  • Everybody knows damned well that the Clintons are nothing but crooks, rapist, pedophiles and possibly murderers. All the attention on them serves to keep the focus off of Bathhouse Barry whoever the hell he really is. A simple DNA/paternity test would prove that Barack Hussein Obama was NEVER Barry's biological father. Barry like's "un-masking" others so much - it is time to "un-mask" him - let's see what is in ALL of those records he was so desperate to hide from the public.

  • low life liberal democrat skunks like brazille keep up the bs that President Trump
    only won because hillary the creep was such a bad candidate. b.s.

  • Hillary's physical health is of little consequence when you consider how demented and mentally off kilter she really is.

  • If she cared so much as she now claims, that it was okay to lie about Hillary's health. BUT Donna was still colluding with the MSM to cover up Hillary’s illness. And, why Biden? There were other democrats who put their hat in the race Bernie Sanders, former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley, former Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee, former Virginia Senator Jim Webb and Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig. Incumbent Vice President Joe Biden heavily considered a third run, but eventually chose against it. So, why hadn’t she supported Bernie or one of the other names who did declare their candidacy? She chooses Biden over Bernie. Why? When it never dawns on pervert Joe “let me touch you inappropriately” Biden to declare himself a candidate in the first place. Truthfully, by then the public had grown tired of the democrats, their corruption, their political games and I doubt they would’ve won if Obama had been allowed to run.

  • Wake up DNC, not even Crazy Uncle Joe Biden could save you from the Trump Train. All of the DNC is too corrupt to survive. Do everyone a favor and disband.

  • Headlines that fit on cell phones are now the new "sound byte" of politics, and they work! Nearly anything, nearly any untruth can be made truth by simple repetition, such as "Trump/Russia" and that ilk.
    This is and will be the new politics of today and tomorrow, best to get used to it.

    • Please excuse me Ted but HELL NO! There are enough of us standing up now to say I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. Why not join us in not accepting the blatant lies and propaganda? The evil cabal is crumbling before your eyes. Have faith : ) The force is with you! All kidding aside, CNN will have to be sold (says DOJ) and Clintons and Obamas are going to be held accountable. Life is good and freedom loving American's are rocking the planet.

  • Look, the Democrats are as dishonest and unpatriotic and pathetic. Pure and simple. Their presidential candidate was a mobster who would have sold this great country out in a Bew York minute. Thank God she lost and thank God trump won!!

  • Looks like the DNC is the party that just keeps on giving!!! Donna Brazile knows that anyone who gets in Clinton's way suddenly stops breathing, so it must be pretty darn important to her to get her words out! This is better than any soap opera I've ever seen in my lifetime!

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