Donna Brazile Cries ‘Jim Crow!’ Over Georgia Voting Law, But There’s a Huge Problem

With just over two weeks to go until the midterm election, the Democrats are figuring out that running on abortion and Jan. 6 might not be so effective. Fortunately, they have the old fall back: the race card. 

During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” ABC News contributor and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile was still doing her best to convince Americans that Georgia’s new voting law was nothing more than a “Jim Crow” law.

But Brazile and others will have to work a bit harder, because the numbers are coming out, and they don’t lie. According to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, a press release dated Oct. 22, roughly 660,000 Georgians have cast early ballots. 

Further, the Secretary of State’s office reports a 51% increase in turnout on the fifth day of early voting when compared to 2018. That’s a lot more voters for a supposedly “Jim Crow” law.

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Jim Crow 2.0?

Incredibly, the early in-person voting numbers for 2022 are only a short cry from the total early in-person voting numbers for the 2020 election, and we are still 15 days from Election Day in a midterm year.

But as we know, facts don’t matter for some people. Back on ABC, Brazile’s claims about “Jim Crow” were poo-pooed by former VP Mike Pence chief of staff Marc Short.

Short said, “This is something, even this election cycle, Joe Biden has said, the election reforms in Georgia, are Jim Crow 2.0. You have record numbers of people voting early in Georgia. Record numbers of African Americans voting early. Yet the Democrats are saying it’s Jim Crow 2.0?”

(The Biden part is true – with the President calling the new Georgia law an “atrocity” and “Jim Crow of the 21st Century.”)

But Brazile would not be budged from playing the race card. She replied, “It is! It is. Unfortunately it is Jim Crow!” 

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Donna Brazile’s Election History

Donna Brazile has engaged in other questionable, to say the least, election activities in the past.

In March of 2017, Brazile admitted to passing debate questions to Hillary Clinton for an upcoming Democrat primary debate with 2016 fellow presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Brazile was Chair of the Democratic National Committee at the time, and also a CNN contributor. (Strange!)

Incredibly, TIME Magazine gave Brazile a forum to make up excuses for putting her thumb on the scale in order to boost Hillary Clinton.

The narrative that Georgia’s voting law, passed at the end of March 2021, would suppress the voting rights of minorities was picked up by woke corporations, and eventually led to Major League Baseball’s All-Star game being moved from Atlanta to Denver that year.

Estimates stated the move cost the city and regional economy, and many of its minority-owned businesses $100 million in revenue.

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