Are you tired of winning yet? Didn’t think so.

Donald Trump continues to rack up win after win following his epic and ground-breaking election to become the next President of the United States.

The American people are tired of losing and paying the price while the rest of the world laughs at us and mocks us. We are sick of it. That’s why Donald Trump was swept to office on a wave populism and positive vibes! People are tired of business-as-usual DC shenanigans. They are ready to DRAIN THE SWAMP. Kick the old bums out and bring in fresh and challenging ideas that will restore America to its place atop the world. We can do this without fighting endless wars and crushing the American worker. We can do this with Pro-Business AND Pro-Worker policies that put everyone back to work and grow the economy at a record pace.

This is why people voted for Trump. They wanted change and they wanted results. This mindset and the will of “WE, The People” just gave Donald Trump and America another epic win.

The latest victory is sending Trump right to the top and is so historic that no other Republican nominee for President has ever done it before! WOW!

With 62.8 million votes, Trump has received the most votes of any Republican presidential of all time.

In 2004, former President George W. Bush received just over 62 million votes. Mitt Romney received 60.9 million votes in 2012 in his loss to President Barack Obama, who received 65.9 million votes that year.

Epic! Donald Trump is the most popular Republican candidate for President ever! This is a mandate! This is what we’re talking about! This is what we need to take this country to new heights and Make America Great Again!

Of course millions more flocked to Trump. He won over the “working class” vote that Democrats had taken for granted and Republicans couldn’t reach. He won the “Rust Belt” because people believed Trump when he said he was bringing their jobs back! He is going to save this country! He has our support!

h/t Western Journalism.

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