Donald Trump has promised to Make America Great Again! But how?

He’s pledged to secure our border, renegotiate our “unfair” trade deals, and bring jobs back that were shipped overseas.

He’s added another pledge to his campaign; he’s going to re-build America’s crumbling infrastructure. His plan is sure to have Hillary shaking in her boots!

Via Bloomberg:

[A] bond sale would finance infrastructure spending “at least double” the amount of Hillary Clinton’s 5-yr, $275b plan, Donald Trump says on Fox Business News.

“We’re going to go out with a fund, and we’ll get a fund, we’ll make a phenomenal deal with the low interest rates, and we’re going to have to rebuild our infrastructure. We have no choice”: Trump
“These would be bonds, and these would be sold as bonds. So we’d do infrastructure bonds from the country, from the United States”

What do you think about this?  The media will say it looks a lot like Obama’s failed “Stimulus.”

Could Trump actually make a big boost of government spending work? I’m skeptical, but he is right that we need to do something about crumbling bridges and roads.

Will you support Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or another candidate? Share your thoughts!

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